Ahmed El-Halaby, DDS, MSD

Meet Dr. El-Halaby

Dr. El-Halaby earned his Bachelors Degree in Dentistry in 2001 from the Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University, he practiced as a general dentist for about five years.  During that time, his interest in the field of implantology drew him to pursue an advanced education in Periodontics.  In 2006 he started a residency at the Periodontics program at Case Western Reserve University resulting in a Masters Degree in Oral Sciences and a Certificate in Periodontics.

As a board certified periodontist, he remains up to date with research and publications, as well as recent advances in the field.  In private practice the main focus is on dental Implant and related surgeries, as well as the treatment of chronic periodontitis utilizing laser techniques.  He has authored a number of articles as the primary author, related to clinical and surgical topics.  The articles were published in the International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry, and the Texas Dental Journal.

Additionally, while practicing in Texas in 2011 he founded the East Texas Dental Hygiene Study Club.  The study club provided continuing education to the local dental hygienist community.

When not practicing dentistry he is usually working out at the health club or spending time with his two daughters.  He is also an avid musician playing guitar, piano and some drums.